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About UBIA Ministries


UBIA Ministries is a Christian, non-denominational 501c3 charitable organization with a vision to show God’s love and help change lives. Our name derives from the Swahili word, UBIA. For us, it is also an acronym for "Uniting Believers in Action." We serve by coming alongside existing ministries worldwide to help the orphans, the widows, the sick and the needy. We bring our finances and talents to the table while also embracing the values of encouraging self-sustainability, empowering local leadership, creating strength-based partnerships, maintaining personal relationships and ensuring transparent accountability.


  • Pastor R. Obed Lyimo from Gospel Herald Ministries in Tanzania writes:

    UBIA ministries and North Bible Church have helped Gospel Herald Ministries in Tanzania to fulfill its goals:
    1. By acquiring new sponsors for children, by providing furniture for the devotions room in the  Kim Jones Children’s home,
    2. By helping to build a structure for outside laundry which economize use of fresh water by using stream water for washings,
    3. By installing a big washing machine for children at KJH, that has helped save time, labor and expenses,
    4. By supporting our ministry to carry out evangelistic campaigns by preaching in open air crusades commencing on February 2015 and also by supporting training for palliative care providers.
    5. UBIA ministries is also sending some regular donations for monthly shopping at Kim Jones Children’s home.

    We can not thank you enough for coming alongside us when we needed you most.

    Pastor R. Obed Lyimo

    - Gospel Herald Ministries

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