There are several options available for donating to UBIA Ministries

Direct Payments to UBIA Ministries

If you have online banking, you can set UBIA Ministries as a payee.  Our payee information is:

UBIA Ministries, c/o Laurie Gallick, 1446 E Grovers Ave #16, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Our contact email is and the phone number is 602-510-5184.  In the alternative, you can mail a check directly to the address above.  If you want to designate your donations to a specific program or ministry feel free to include that information in the memo portion of your check. 


Although direct payments are the preferred method of payment because PayPal deducts a percentage of your gift as a service fee, if you would like to make credit card or PayPal payments simply click on the link below.



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